Wesset – house of good flavours

Flavours have always been held in high regard in the house that was built into a villa for the chocolate factory owner Wesset a hundred years ago. In Wesset’s time, the quality of his chocolates was recognised with many awards. Now, the restaurant located in the villa is definitely among the best three in the city.

The dishes prepared at Wesset are trendy and different. The components of a dish can be either traditional or unexpected. Even if they are traditional, there is still bound to be something unexpected about the dish. You should try the smoked rib and pea soup, which is essentially a traditional Estonian pea soup but to which the broth of smoked ribs and dried tomatoes have been added to give it some new flavours.

Although the dish combining eel and herring is also unexpected, food is not something to be played with at Wesset. All the dishes have been thoroughly thought-out and tested. This is what makes Wesset the house of good flavours.