Paiaristi, Imavere, Järva vald, Järvamaa
+372 5516183

Oh Boy!

This is what Estonian’s say after having witnessed something surprising. By the main roads, on the way from one town to another, opportunities for good food are scarce to non-existent. There are barely any restaurants catering for the traveller. After all, you can reach anywhere fast enough. No need to stop for a rest. The Tikupoiss is a new food spot next to a small farmer’s market, which, in turn, stands next to the newest gas station built along the Tallinn-Tartu highway. Right by the junction towards Viljandi. The Viljandi match factory used to produce matches for the whole country and more. The Tikupoiss – Match Boy – is the famous figure on their matchbox sleeve. The roadside restaurant Tikupoiss stands out from the crowd mainly for its concept: a restaurant with a farmer’s market. There is no other like that by any major road. You can select between ready-made canteen fare and the a la carte menu. Go for the latter. You know you have the time. The selection ranges from the local favourites – black bread with Baltic sprat, potato salad à la Estonia and Spotted Dog cake – to more exotic offerings (sweet potato and coconut soup, bratwurst). The milieu is spacious, light, cool and minimalist in a Nordic style. A perfectly nice place for a food break.