Food: 36/40

NOA Chef’s Hall makes it to the top once again

Our prediction from last year came true! NOA Chef’s Hall was awarded the title of the best restaurant in Estonia once again and made history on top of that – for the first time ever, the best restaurant in Estonia was rated better than the best restaurant in Finland. This was showcased by the ratings given to the restaurants in the restaurant guide White Guide Nordic 2017.

The Estonian restaurant scene is now more interesting than ever. NOA’s competitors are not indignant at or defeated by the restaurant, but rather show a new enthusiasm and willingness to compete with it. Meanwhile, life does not stand still at NOA either. There is no other restaurant in Estonia at the moment with as many talented young chefs as NOA. So let us enjoy this wholeheartedly!

The kitchen run by Tõnis Siigur values teamwork and gives talented young people an opportunity to show what they are capable of. This approach would probably induce instability elsewhere but at NOA Chef’s Hall, it is quite the opposite. Chefs with a low work ethic keep away from NOA. It is a place where people consider working a pleasure and where culinary ideas are born and flourish. This is why dining at NOA is an event of its own.