Hottest venue in Tallinn

Noblessner district might still be under construction, but it has already become the new trendy hangout. Bistro Lore is located in the old shipyard building adjacent to the dock and in summer the best tables are right by the water, making it the perfect spot for enjoying the sunset. However in winter, the most coveted seats are inside by the fireplace.

The tall ceilings of the old building make even the quietest whisper echo and the dining hall is nearly always packed. For this reason Lore might not be the best place for discussing delicate matters you wish to keep private. Instead sharing is encouraged, be it drinks, food or the latest news, as Lore is the main meeting spot for all of Tallinn.

The majority of the unpretentious, simple dishes are cooked on live fire. Inspiration for the menu is drawn from food-filled travels of sommelier Kristjan Peäske and head chef Janno Lepik. So in Lore’s kitchen local chicken thigh meets harissa marinade and portobello mushroom is served with hummus and tomato lecho. These unique flavour combinations demand to be discussed alongside the usual dinner table chit-chat. For foodies Lore bistro is the hottest venue in Tallinn.