Right by the Smoking Oven

The glass walls of the large spa hotel’s restaurant offer diners panoramic views to the medieval castle and the open sea. As for the flavours, however, the important view is to the small smoking oven right outside the window. For Estonians, Saaremaa tastes like smoked fish, and that taste is never absent from the Gospa restaurant menu. While the islanders themselves tend to opt for fresh smoked Baltic herring without any side dishes, the restaurant’s Chef Alari Aksalu likes to drown it in a sea of delightful fresh salad. The smoky pork tenderloin ‘disappears’ among vegetables from Rautsi Farm. The kitchen at the Gospa restaurant is the most modern one in Kuressaare. Its food is creative art perfected through the judicious use of many different cooking techniques, and authentic local flavours are always at its fore.