GMP Pühajärve Restaurant

Pre-Booked Experience

The GMP Pühajärve Restaurant in the only tower block in the Pühajärve area, surrounded by the ski paths of Otepää, is a place with a long tradition. The legendary party place ofthe Soviet period has ripened into a restaurant that demonstrates toone and to all the undeniable charm of food that is taken straight from the field to the kitchen. Asis customary in the countryside, the autumn dinner was still in the ground in the morning. The rest of the year, the same ingredients are used pickled, salted, or marinated. The GMT Pühajärve Restaurant is divided in two parts. The one serves everyday fare tothose who spend longer at Pühajärve. The other offers formal fine dining to those who come for culinary experiences alone. The snow-white tablecloths and formal black-and-white clothes worn by the staff create anelevated atmosphere for tasting the food with its rustic flavors and complex techniques. From the rye bread baked exactly after an old recipe (some of the best in all of Estonia, bythe way), to the sous-vide lamb saddle with its beetroot-flavored groats, rhubarb mustard, goat cheese and peppermint sauce, local ingredients are added maximum value through deliciously inventive combinations. The GMP Pühajärve serves modern genuine Estonia. But now (attention!) only with reservation – the chef is specially booked to prepare your experience…