Why Grand Rose?

27. July 2021

Local favourite. Foreign languages and customs are not to everyone’s liking. Saaremaa’s spa hotels draw people from all over Europe like a magnet. Grand Rose’s magnetic field seems to be specially tuned to locals.

Summer mood. In summer, most of the hotel’s activity is centred around the spacious courtyard terrace. Here you can have everything from sauna to champagne.

Food and drink. The restaurant’s new family is hardworking, ambitious and flavour-conscious. Otherwise, everything in the restaurant is still as it has been before, but the flavours are brand new. Clean and fresh. Local and international.



Why Vinoteek Residents?

Family. Every house gets its soul from its inhabitants, and the Residents’ family are exceptionally good at this. Every visitor will leave knowing they have new Saaremaa friends. Milieu. Each room is furnished entirely different from the rest and has its own story to tell....
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Why Arensburg?

Respectable. This is the first impression the hotel, in a building more than three hundred years old, gives of itself. This impression lasts for the entire duration of your stay. Cultural Garden. The hotel has its own garden, where concerts and performances take place in...
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Why Ungru Guesthouse?

Count and collective farm. The guest house in the historic customs building of Hiiumaa Suursadam harbour offers unique stories and milieu. There are many tales of the ventures of the count who lived here. However, looking out of some windows, you will think you see...
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