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Tanker and D.O.M. Always on the lookout for new flavours

July 20th, 2017

The boom of craft beers started because major beer producers offered very few taste variations for a long time. No wonder then that the craft beer brewers ventured to the other extreme from the start. Flavour bombs positioned quite far from traditional beer were created as a result.

It appears that the most distant limits have been tested by now and no one wants to venture any further. People now try to brew beers that have a concept and flavour, but are first and foremost still beers. In this frame of mind, Tanker’s beers are ones to keep an eye on. For example, their Sauna Session – a (sauna) beer with birch whisks used to brew it – which has been classified as an Estonian Ale, has already achieved a nearly cultish popularity.

However, if you wish to try all of Tanker’s brews, then it may take all summer.

Tanker’s beers are offered by restaurant D.O.M located at Raekoja plats. What Tanker does with beers, they do with food. This summer’s most combat-ready pair of chefs can be found in this restaurant. Pavel Gurjanov has been selected to represent Estonia at the Bocuse d’Or cooking contest, Jegors Porulevs is participating at the S.Pellegrino Young Chef contest.

Therefore, do not expect normal food at D.O.M. People consistently search and find new ideas here. For example, try a dish called the Farm. It includes dried ostrich meat from Laasu farm on Muhu island, egg yolk confit, chicory, marinated chanterelles, and grilled onions.

Tanker and D.O.M together form a highly ambitious pair.