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Sori Brewing and Rae Restaurant. Seriously and not

July 20th, 2017

Sori is a unique brewery for many reasons. Finns are brewing beer in Estonia, only to export much of it back to Finland! Only one in every ten bottles of the total produce is consumed in Estonia, the other nine are exported. And not only to Finland. Money for establishing the brewery was raised through a crowdfunding platform.

Sori’s office, manufacturing and tap room in Tallinn are sights in their own right. Many do not know that they are open to visitors from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. on working days, offering beer tasting and beverages and souvenirs for purchase. Be sure to stop by: a special experience is guaranteed. Sori makes beer with utter seriousness, so that the people who drink it could let loose!

The terrace of Rae Restaurant catches the eye among the other terraces of Raekoja plats with its bright yellow colour. Yellow is the colour of the sun, and there are not enough sunny days in Estonia. The restaurant is located at the sunniest part of the town hall square. Therefore, with good weather, the terrace of Rae restaurant is the best place for enjoying a bottle of quality craft beer.

One should normally not expect to find top restaurants at such tourist hotspots as Raekoja plats. Rae is certainly one of the exceptions. Each of Sori’s brews they offer has a specially compiled restaurant dish to accompany it. For example, a classic Wiener Schnitzel with lingonberry jam accompanied by Sori’s Hardly Working is an exquisite experience for the palate. The best view of the medieval town hall building is an extra.