SALT – top-quality world tastes

1. March 2017

SALT is a small, cosy, and colourful restaurant in Kadriorg that gives off a strong urbane vibe. And no wonder – the restaurant’s owner Tiina Treumann is a world traveller who has committed to her goal: bringing the best parts of each trip with her. She has joked that after each trip, their menu changes. SALT describes itself as a restaurant that offers progressive social food, or extreme fusion. And they excel at this.

They have hidden a lot of exciting elements under a crispy cabbage leaf – vermouth mousse, fermented cabbage, and oyster. Even though the latter is the star of the dish, the cabbage with its flavours is an equal opponent. The dish is enriched by Sazerac, which, in addition to cognac, contains handmade vermouth, orange peel, star anise, and a drop of mint liqueur – naturally, from Tiina’s trip to Italy. It is a pleasure to see that they have handled cabbage, which is traditional of Estonia and simple in its essence, so skilfully.

The main dish – elk – is decorated with moss and aioli made of spruce shoots from the surroundings of Lake Peipus. By the way: the moss is made from potato and painted black with ash, and the spruce shoot aioli does not only sound good, but has an aftertaste of real light green spruce shoots as well. The main dish is served with clean Hennessy V.S.O.P, which has been balanced with orange-flavoured carbonated water. This solution is talented because it eliminates the possibility of the cognac overruling the dish.
SALT’s menu is thought through from the beginning to the end – it is a place that offers nothing less than the maximum. Each bite and sip makes it more and more visible that they really do want to do this. Go and try how momentum, perseverance, and the world taste like!


Hennessy menu starting from 8th of March:

Scallops tiradito with yuzu and mango 7,50
Salt’s Pink Currant 5,00

Roasted Savoy cabbage 9,50
Salt’s Sazerac 5,00

Low temperature baked moose saddle 19,50
Hennessy V.S.O.P 6,00

Salt homemade chocolate-gorgonzola truffle and truffle cheese 5,00
Hennessy X.O 6,00


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