Saaremaa Veski. Where the islanders eat.

28. June 2021

Saaremaa Veski. Alar Aksalu ja Kaupo Pastak.


The best recommendation a restaurant can hope for is that the locals love it. Saaremaa Veski’s Estonian hashbrowns, potato and pearl barley porridge, and cheese balls have always been popular with the locals. They and visitors from further afield can continue to enjoy the favourites in a renewed form. The mill kitchen is now under the command of Alar Aksalu, who has experience working in the best kitchens in Tallinn. He wants to continue offering traditional food, only modernised with contemporary cooking techniques.

But the mill has another piece of news. There is now a vodka distillery on the ground floor, where the owner Kaupo Pastak spends long hours preparing a variety of schnapps. The first bottle of each new drink always goes to the kitchen, where Alar immediately uses it for cooking and comes up with a suitable food pairing.

We hear that both the islanders and visitors now have a reason to visit more frequently than before.


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