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Ribe – paradise for those who have a sweet tooth

March 1st, 2017

Ribe has been one of the best restaurants in Estonia for years and they are going just as strong with a Slovakian head chef who, among other places, has worked in Michelin-star restaurants, including Noma, which has been named the best restaurant in the world. The chef, who has an impressive background, prepares Nordic-inspired delicacies by using his knowledge of French cooking and French techniques.

Ribe decided to create a menu consisting of two desserts and a cognac cocktail: they have paired a dessert and a cocktail made of the same ingredient. All this to put a magnificent end to the dinner!

The chocolate cake in Ribe’s menu represents the classics. They have paired a thick and deep dessert with a (kokteili nimi) which has a strong coffee flavour at first, but becomes milder with each sip. Both are equal opponents who, without even realising it, complement each other.

The rhubarb dessert is a perfect example of how charm lies in simplicity – simple, specific, and mouth-watering flavours. The freshness and acidity of the rhubarb play well with the creamy rhubarb-flavoured cocktail. No need to spend ages thinking about the dish – excellent raw materials do their job well.

Ribe has once again paid a lot of attention to drinks menu – classic cocktails that have been adjusted in accordance with the desserts. This restaurant is a must-go for those who have a sweet tooth and appreciate good cocktails!


Hennessy menu starting from 3rd of March:

Rhubarb and milk ice cream 6,00
Hennessy Sour 7,00

Earl Grey Chocolate cake with ice cream and apple 6,00
Lodestar 8,00