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Revolutionaries Õllenaut and The Seafood Bar

July 20th, 2017

The explosive development of small-scale brewing in Estonia has been called a revolution. If that is true, then Õllenaut is definitely one of the most important revolutionaries of the country. Their beers, which all have intriguing names, are brewed with a single purpose in mind – the taste.

One of the first small-scale breweries in Estonia has managed to bring quite a number of new tastes to the market. Now, a system and order are being created among them. The revolution has happened, now everyday life continues. Instead of new tastes, memorable tastes are needed.

The beers of Õllenaut (that the brewery’s owners translate as ‘beer enjoyer/explorer’) are worthy of their name. They are brewed to be enjoyed.

The Seafood Bar is a new restaurant that was opened this summer. What does their revolution consist of? Looking back in history, we see that Estonians love to eat meat. More precisely, pork. Other traditions and habits take root arduously.

The fate of fish restaurants demonstrates this very well – new ones keep popping up. Each new one seems more interesting and unique than the ones before, but… None of them have managed to survive very long.

Maybe The Seafood Bar will get lucky. The meat restaurant with the same owner on the same street has lasted for a long time and gives us hope that eating fish in the seaside town of Tallinn will not come to a standstill.