Restaurant Rannahotell – wizards of simple flavours

1. March 2017

On the brink of the Pärnu beach promenade, just a few steps from the beach, you will find Rannahotell. Its wide windows offer a beautiful view of the Pärnu Bay. The hotel and restaurant undoubtedly have one of the most beautiful views in Pärnu. And their menu is just as wonderful.

The deer tartar is firm and thick, just as it is supposed to. The spicy flavours, which at times shine through, go beautifully with the cocktail which, inspired by the onion used in the dish, includes a little bit of onion oil. The cocktail is called Klaperjaht, which means chasing the animals out of the forest in hunting terminology. To celebrate this term, vermouth has been added to the cocktail as hunters used to drink this to get warm. Raimo Huberg is to thank for the bold approach in the cocktail menu!

The lamb sacrum, which is rather hard to find, has been cooked at 65 degrees for two hours – all this effort for a special taste. The salty crisp, pea puree, fresh vegetables, and sauce from gin and red wine are elements that support the meat, but they have no intention of being left in the background. The cocktail is called Volbriöö (Walpurgis Night), and means the time of legumes. Even though legumes are not used in the cocktail, the dish and drink are tied together by the gin that is used in both of them. It is a combination that invigorates your taste buds and makes the spring winds blow freshly.

You can be sure that the dessert will swipe those who have a sweet tooth off their feet and make their mouths water. Adding olive oil to the otherwise classic vanilla ice cream is a brilliant move – the bitterness of the oil balances the sweetness of the dessert. The cocoa malt with an airy texture makes the presentation stand out and adds its final delicate touch to it.

Restaurant Rannahotell can be proud – their young and innovative chef knows the Scandinavian raw ingredients like the back of his hand and brings simple, clean, and authentic flavours to the table.


Hennessy menu:

Deer tartar 10,00
Klaperjaht cocktail 7,00

Mutton sacral bone 18,00
Volbriöö cocktail 8,00

Chocolate and olives 6,00
Hennessy V.S.O.P 10,00


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