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Põhjala + Chedi + Bocca = an exclusive taste experience

July 20th, 2017

Põhjala is the flagship of Estonian craft beer breweries. ‘Craft’ may not be the best expression about small-scale beer brewing. Põhjala has also definitely outgrown the word ‘small’. The most fitting word to introduce Põhjala is ‘trailblazer’.

It is mostly their doing that Estonia is very well known in the world of small-scale brewers and that our activities are respected. Põhjala is Estonia’s beer diplomat. Their portfolio has so many different tastes by now that capturing them on a single picture is an impossible task. However, no beer ends up in the bottle for the mere joy of creation and experimentation. On the contrary, some batches were not bottled because the brewer did not accomplish the taste they were aiming for.

Drinking Põhjala beer is not merely a thirst quencher; it is also a sign of the drinker’s good taste.

Restaurants Chedi and Bocca are worthy partners to Põhjala in the Estonian food landscape. The origin story of Bocca dates back to last century, but it is not a simple story – it is a success story. Bocca is the only Estonian restaurant to reach The World’s 50 Best list. You cannot find Italian cuisine with the same quality anywhere near here.

Chedi is a much newer restaurant, but much like Bocca, it is not even worth trying to find modern Chinese cuisine like theirs anywhere near here. You will not find anything like it before London. In fact, Hock Meng Peh, the current head chef of Chedi, comes from the Michelin Star award-winning restaurant Hakkasan in London.

The beers of Põhjala along with the dishes of Chedi or Bocca are an exclusive taste experience.