Õllevõlur Brewery and restaurant Scheeli will take you back in time

20. July 2017

At Õllevõlur Brewery, they respect tradition. How else – even the runic songs, the oldest parts of Estonian cultural heritage, tell stories of beer. There are many ways to go forward. One of those is going back – in time.

Ninety years ago, home-brewed beer was made all across Estonia. It was made by men as well as many women. Exactly like that, as a family, is how the beers of Õllevõlur are made. Even their hops are grown in their own garden. They make no secret of the tricks and skills of brewing. Everyone who is interested in the art of traditional brewing is welcome to the Õllevõlur Brewery in Nõmme for training.

At the same time, ninety years ago, when all of Estonia was caught in the urge to brew beer, a bank was situated in the rooms of the current restaurant Scheeli. Not just any bank, either, but the biggest bank in Estonia that was owned by the Scheel family. The family also owned Saku Brewery, the expert of Estonian beers back then as well as now.

The restaurant Scheeli of today promises to take its guests back to the time when food was natural and tastes were pure. That is the kind of food that Õllevõlur’s beers are best suited for!


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