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Muddis Brewery and Burger&Ribs. Created to be favourites

July 20th, 2017

Muddis Brewery is only about a year old, but already stands out among small-scale breweries with its special perseverance. They brew beer to go along with food. Period. That is why their list of beers is much shorter than that of other breweries and they do not attempt to stand out with obscure names, either.

The brewer of Muddis is a chef with education and experience. Having cooked in many places across the world and searched for beers matching his dishes, he finally started brewing them himself. Moe’s beers quickly became the favourites of many restaurants. One of the causes for the special and pure taste of their beers is the karst water from Pandivere National Water Protection Area that they use.

Burgers are the national food of modern-day Estonia. It is hard to find a restaurant where burgers are not on the menu. It would be impossible to announce the best burger in Estonia, as no one could eat and compare enough burgers for that.

The summer restaurant of Burger&Ribs is the first restaurant on Viru Street on the way from Viru Square to the Old Town. The secrets to making great burgers have been practised long enough in their main restaurant on the Town Hall Square that they can make them whenever, wherever.

And if you really do not want a burger, you can try their ribs, chicken wings, or salads. The portions are so big that one meal is sure to fill your stomach.