MEKK – there is charm in simplicity

1. March 2017

MEKK represents the Estonian cuisine and offers it in the sincerest way. It is a place that both the young and the old can enjoy. Whether you go there before a night-out with friends or after a theatre performance for a refreshing dessert – the choice is yours. The Hennessy menu is tasteable at the bar side of MEKK.

The choice of snacks will knock you off your feet in a quiet Estonian manner. Salmon, goat cheese, and lamprey are all different enough and enrich the taste palate in the best way. One might think that the light snacks might not be equal opponents to the majestic taste of Hennessy, but on the contrary – they actually complement each other.

The grassland oxtail soup and Hennessy-cider cocktail have become the stars of the place. Using cider in a cognac cocktail is a surprising and bold choice, but instantly justifies itself – the sourish flavour of the cider harmonises with the pickled vegetables in the soup and leaves you with a longing note – may I please have some more!

The harmony between the beef cheek and a chokeberry cocktail must also be mentioned. Chokeberry is the pearl of berries that grow in Estonia – a little sourish and mealy, but unbelievably healthy! Chokeberry has been reported to be the healthiest berry in the world by English scientists and it is freely growing in most of the gardens of our grandmothers. The slightly dry cocktail is a wonderful pairing to the beef cheek – a sip full of flavour of chokeberry enhances the flavours of the sauce and adds its own contribution.

They say that the way to another person’s heart is through their stomach. So, can we say that MEKK has found the way to our hearts through its Estonian simplicity? Less is more.


Hennessy menu starting from 9th of March:

Goat cheese cream, smoked salmon, roasted lamprey 8,00
Hennessy V.S.O.P 12,00

Grassland oxtail soup 8,00
Hennessy-cider cocktail 8,00

Beef cheek 14,00
Hennessy-cider cocktail 8,00

Chocolate truffle cake 7,00
Hennessy X.O 20,00


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