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Koch Brewery and Kalambuur. Flavour union of the little ones

July 20th, 2017


Koch’s beer is most readily available at the venue Kochi Aidad in Tallinn, Lootsi St. The venue includes a brewery and a big tavern where the majority of the freshly brewed beer is consumed. Koch’s brewery is one of the smallest in Estonia in terms of capacity, but they have the finest technology. All processes are computer-controlled.

The Lootsi St. area and granaries have a long and interesting history. The Koch brewery tells this story through flavours.

The Koch’s brewery and Restaurant Kalambuur have forged a union of the little ones. Kalambuur is located in a tiny house in Tallinn’s Hirvepark. Up to 35 people can eat there at once. However, those who are small in terms of capacity are often major players in terms of flavours, as they have the opportunity of focusing on what is most important.

Kalambuur is the cosiest restaurant in Estonia. You would not expect anything else from the little park ranger’s house which accommodates it. The meals resemble home cooking more than restaurant dishes, because the restaurant is run by a family. Not just any family, but the Koržets family. The finest fish connoisseurs in Estonia.

The amazing flavours they can charm out of fish and seafood in their quite simple manner will remain an unreachable standard for many professional chefs, not to mention home cooks.

Koch has made a special brew for Kalambuur’s dishes. This is a flavour union that must be tried!