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Käbliku Brewery and Ribe. Colourful tastes

July 20th, 2017

Käbliku beer tastes best at where it is made – at the Käbliku farm near Otepää. One is bound to get thirsty after a walk among the most scenic landscapes in Estonia. To quench that thirst, the farm offers drinks, each with their own story. A very colourful story.

Käbliku farm offers accommodation and food (or the opportunity to cook) to accompany the drinks. The farm has been established at the location of a former water mill, beer is crafted at the old stable. During the summer season, it is possible to sleep in the granaries as people used to a century ago. Without waterworks and electricity, in unheated rooms. A genuine experience. Käbliku is a farm with flavour!

Ribe’s dishes are a kind of ‘translators’ for Käbliku’s beers. The restaurant’s chef Rado Mitro is a Slovak. His interpretations of traditional Estonian dishes often take you by surprise and are bold and colourful. Just like Käbliku’s beer.

Ribe has been in the list of Estonia’s top restaurants for years; they are especially skilful at combing food and drinks. You will not find a recommended dish for Käbliku’s beers in the restaurant menu. The taste preferences of people differ. Ribe’s waiters treat the customers accordingly. When an appropriate drink has been selected, then the choice of an accompanying dish takes no time at all.