Hermitage – with a kind Russian soul

1. March 2017

Restaurant Hermitage is located in Hotel St. Petersburg, which is the oldest hotel still operating in Estonia, and it has fashionably combined traditional dishes from the Estonian and Russian cuisine. One can feel the Russian charisma and temperament, which is refreshing in the otherwise modest Estonia. After a while, you will start noticing even more refreshing elements.

Hermitage is the only place in Estonia that offers the exclusive Hennessy 250 Collectors Blend cognac. This drink was created for the 250th anniversary of the House of Hennessy. It is a high-quality drink that can only be paired with a worthy dessert. Millefeuille excels with the cognac on its side and is smooth enough to let the drink shine, but is also definitely a worthy opponent for the cognac.
The duck is cooked perfectly. In combination with the classic cocktail Summit, they have achieved a youthful mix. While Summit consists of ginger, lime, and soda in addition to the cognac, Hermitage has added their own unique nuances such as honey, cherry juice, and cucumber. The result is a super-fresh spring cocktail that you can drink forever.
It is obvious that in Hermitage, the chef and the bartender work together towards the same goal. The classical and tasty combinations with unique additions give off a spirited vibe.

At the beginning of March, it is possible to try, in addition to the Hennessy menu, a completely new and interesting conception of art and food. What this means exactly, remains a mystery for the time being. To get an answer, the head chef can be quoted: “It is better to come and try than to talk and woo.”

Hennessy menu starting from 8th of March:

Pate and cheese 10,00
Hennesy X.O 24,00

Crispy duck 20,00
Summit a´la Hermitage 15,00

Millefeuille 9,00
Hennessy 250 Collection Blend 26,00

Baked banana
H&H Cream 13,00


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