Bordoo – made with heart and soul

1. March 2017

Restaurant Bordoo of the Hotel Three Sisters is located in the heart of Tallinn Old Town and offers its interpretations of the Estonian and Baltics gourmet cuisine. In addition to that, the restaurant also offers great flavours, excellent service, and memorable experiences.

Even the start of the dinner is stunning. Oyster breaded with almonds on a black salsify puree is pleasantly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle – just as oyster is meant to be. The slightly sweet puree is heavenly creamy and fits perfectly with the crisp oyster. Sided with the classical cocktail of cognac and champagne – for as long as you can taste these in your mouth, you will not have time to think of anything else.
If you are missing the summer aroma and tastes of juniper, you must try the tartar made of Märjamaa lamb. This plate is served with a juniper branch, which is then put on fire, and this immediately brings summer to the table. The soft texture and balanced flavours of the tartar will remain with you for a long time and make you visit Bordoo again and again.

It would definitely be worth trying the lavender drink make on spot or, in other words, the aromatized Hennessy V.S.O.P. The lavender drink has been paired with proper field tastes – the cheesecake tastes like wild camomile and the ice-cream like lavender – and this combination shortly brings forth the summery harmony on your tongue.

Bordoo is not ostentatious as one might think, but instead, warm, sincere, and memorable. It is a place where food is made with heart and soul.


Hennessy menu starting from 1st of March:

Oyster and broth 9,00
Classic champagne cocktail 15,00

Tartar and cabbage 12,00
Hennessy XO 18,00

Flavours in the field 7,00
Aromatized Hennessy lavender drink 9,00

Selection of French cheeses 14,00
3S Martini XO 20,00


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