Wasa resort – winter swimming in warm waters

30. January 2020


Wasa resort is the newest spa hotel in Pärnu. The rooms and apartments are comfortable and functional. High ceilings and floor to ceiling windows in the spa make you feel like the pool is outdoors, surrounded by nature. Every weather and season has its own colours and moods. The worse the weather, the more interesting the spectacle.


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Stenhus – a bold experimenter

Restaurant Stenhus is located in the luxurious Schlössle Hotel in Tallinn Old Town. It is a charming medieval building that reflects the historic style of Russian merchants in the capital city. Stenhus welcomes its guests with a friendly staff and a warming fire in the...
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Flavours of Estonian Winter

Winter is a wonderful time in Nordic cuisine. All the fresh produce that was stockpiled during autumn is starting to run low. Turning what is left into superb dishes puts the chef’s skills to a test. Estonian chefs are becoming more and more renowned. Estonia...
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Estonian Summer Flavours

Summer is the most beautiful time in Nordic cuisine. The first summer days gingerly offer the first fresh produce. Later in the season, everything fresh is in abundance. No other season offers such a variety of tasty and healthy options. This summer is special. Awakening...
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