Kampus – There is no one like that in Estonia

26. May 2021

Ken Trahv Kampuse Peakoka Nurga peakokk ja restorani juhataja Tõnis Nöps. / Kampus chef’s corner head chef Ken Trahv and restaurant manager Tõnis Nöps.


Kampus is worth the trip from around the corner and much further afield because there is no other restaurant like it in Estonia. They serve a variety of fast food during the day, ranging from a fresh vegetarian bowl to a juicy burger. In the evening, the cocktail bar transforms it into a lounge-restaurant, where time passes faster than the visitor would like.

Among fast food providers, Kampus stands out in terms of the quality and flavour of the food and drinks. Hence you will find the regulars enjoying their fast food with no haste.


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