6. August 2019

Why Väike-Mere Villa?

Invokes jealousy. You know the houses that make you jealous of the people living in them? Väike-Mere Villa is one of those idyllic wooden houses, a short stroll from the seaside, Haapsalu Kuursaal and old town. With its four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two patios there’s plenty of space for spending time with your best friends.

Enjoyment. Relaxing in a well-designed, comfortable and squeaky clean house is a great pleasure. All worries disappear by themselves. There is only one thing left to do – cook some food and find drinks worthy of the house.

Everything is there. To be honest it is rare to find a holiday house that has all the daily necessities. Väike-Mere Villa is one of them. If you find anything missing, we are curious to know!