Pine Forest and Sea Wind

The Laulasmaa spa is endowed with two restaurants. The Wicca is meant for the guest with connoisseur tendencies, conscious of the quality and flavour of the food. Or why not for simple flâneurs in Laulasmaa’s pine forests. As promised in the poetic introduction on the restaurant’s homepage, the pine wood surrounding the restaurant and the sea practically at hand’s reach make their way to the table. The Wicca is more in tune with nature than most other restaurants. But this is a matter of lifestyle rather than a goal. The best way to experience it is to pay attention to the special menu complementing the main menu, which changes more often than the latter. The special menu is always themed. In the autumns, during carrot harvest, their carrot menu demonstrates the surprising diversity of the vegetable’s flavours through three dishes. The gratin of three colours of carrots in a carrot-cider broth complementing stewed rabbit leg and served with a tall glass of Tori Cider Farm’s rowan-apple cider put a perfect flavour to the wet autumn weather outside. Each dish comes with the restaurant’s drink recommendation. The carefully balanced suggestions are worth relying on. Ask for local drinks for aperitif and digestif. Junimperium’s craft gin is currently fashionable in Estonia and reaping significant awards abroad. It is available at the Wicca. As for digestif, their own house schnapps hits the spot. These liquors are seasonal, with a few different flavours available.