Laulasmaa, 76702 Harju maakond
+372 687 0870

Wicca knows its plants

Laulasmaa is certainly not among the most visited places in Estonia, yet the food served at the restaurant Wicca located at Laulasmaa spa is worth a visit. The kitchen of Angelica Udeküll, head chef of the restaurant, is one of the most unique ones in Estonia.
In a meat-loving country like Estonia, Wicca differs from others in the sense that it knows how to skilfully use plant-based ingredients. While the most important components of our meals are usually meat and fish and everything else is secondary, then at Wicca, the food is harmonious and balanced in all aspects, including their names. At Wicca, celery is just as important as beaver meat, onions as important as whitefish, and so on.

To complete the experience, be sure to take a walk in the pine forest by the sea before or after your meal at Wicca.