Wasa Resort restaurant

The Newest Reason to Visit Pärnu

The opening of a new spa hotel is always a big event in a small town. The name of the brand new hotel and its restaurant is remarkable: the Wasa. It is eponymous with a famous ship that used to bring visitors to Pärnu in times long gone by. The restaurant appeals with modern cuisine predominantly based on local ingredients and Asian-inspired complementary flavours. Pan-fried prawns are served with marinated local vegetables and complemented with wakame and nori. And thus, many of the dishes are familiar, yet exotic. Those with a preference for simpler food find plenty of interesting in the separate street food menu. The kitchen of the Wasa tries to cater to as many tastes as possible. Do satisfy your curiosity about the newcomer. Time will tell whether the initial meeting will turn into a close friendship or a distanced acquaintance.