Food: 25/40

Aed is an ambassador for clean food

The above mentioned is a promise given by the restaurant Aed on their menu. The promise has definitely been fulfilled because if someone were to compile a list of restaurants providing the most ecological food in Estonia, Aed would definitely take the number one spot.

As much as Aed is ecological, it is also innovative. Aed has created a vegan alternative consisting of mushrooms, beans, carrots, and beets to a dish popular in many homes – the meatloaf. Vegan dishes are becoming increasingly popular in Estonia. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find a good vegan restaurant in the area. In that sense, Aed is always a sure thing.

In addition to food, Aed keeps the ecological notion in mind when compiling their drink list. Customers can always be rest assured that the ecological footprint of their dishes is the smallest when eating at Aed.