Food: 27/40

Viru Lyon – a restaurant within a café (or vice versa)

Restaurant customers are inconsistent. At one instant, they are ready to travel hundreds of kilometres for a good meal, other times, however, they cannot be bothered with taking a hundred extra steps and want everything to be right there at the exact moment when they are hungry.

There is no other restaurant located more in the city centre than Viru Lyon. Usually, such restaurants have not paid much attention to the quality of the food they serve, as they have more than enough customers. Lately, however, customers have become more knowledgeable and Viru Lyon is exactly the place for such customers.

Viru Lyon is a café and a restaurant in one. In its menu, the restaurant promises to represent the best traditions of Lyon, food capital of France, and elegantly keeps that promise during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each year, the head chef travels to France to get inspiration and bring whatever is currently relevant there to Tallinn.