Vihula Mõisa restoran

Vihula Mõis Vihula, Lääne-Virumaa 45402 Eesti

Timeless Elegance

“Timeless elegance” has to be one of the biggest, most peddled clichés ever hurled at an unsuspecting restaurant. At Vihula, there is no need to resort to it. Timeless elegance permeates every detail and captures every sense. The dishes on the menu are equally timeless. The details change, but the main ingredients stay the same. And yes, even the famous bear meat is still available, served as confit on the new menu. Succulently low-cooked in sous vide, yet with the same, powerful bear tang. The “obligatory” drinks program consists of the slightly spicy manor vodka with its lingering aftertaste and a glass of silky, bittersweet manor porter…

The Vihula manor is one of the most impressive manor ensembles in Estonia. Expand the restaurant experience by spending the night at the manor hotel and losing track of time at its spa, and make sure to take a leisurely stroll at the manor park surrounding the bends and hooks of the Mustoja creek.