Ungru resto & külalismaja

Vanasadama, Suuresadama küla Hiiumaa vald Hiiumaa 92338
+ 372 5151528

A Taste of Hiiumaa

Ungru Restaurant and Guesthouse form an inextricable whole. The restaurant offers the best food on Estonia’s second largest island, and the small guesthouse with its five rooms offers the island’s coziest accommodation right above the restaurant. Taking one and leaving the other means leaving your Hiiumaa experience incomplete. The restaurant is open only during the summer and offers the best of the island’s harvest and catch. In many cases, the visitor has a direct view to the place of origin of the food on the plate. And witnessing it yourself contributes a special Hiiumaa flavour to the simple local food. Be it smoked goat’s cheese from Varese farm, local organic beef tartar or juniper-smoked crèmebrûlée. Same products made elsewhere never have this Hiiumaa flavour…