Everyman’s Vinotheque

The Umb Roht in a courtyard in central Tartu greets its guests with an exposition of gardening tools on the walls right by the entrance. In the very beginning, the restaurant served food grown in nearby gardens, where similar implements must have been used to keep the weeds at bay. The cuisine then took a turn towards the exotic, only to return to our coasts. The drinks may be even more of a reason to visit. Specifically: come for the wine. This restaurant is a special kind of everyman’s vinotheque. It serves simple, pleasing, attractively priced wines. The wine list changes in tune with the menu, and the pairings are some of the best in Tartu. Therefore, the small restaurant tends to be bustling with people, and seekers of solitude would be disappointed indeed. Small craft drink makers are springing up in Tartu like mushrooms after rain. It pays to check the drinks list for the newest additions.