Food: 24/40

Umb Roht (“weeds”) in the beautiful garden of Tartu

Weeds are indestructible but all restaurants disappear from this world sooner or later. I wonder if this was the point of choosing such a name for this new restaurant in Tartu?

The restaurant is located in a beautiful yard, exactly where Noir used to reside. Weeds were nowhere to be found in the yard, dining hall, or in the food even when the season for all things green was in full swing. A shame. The design elements of Umb Roht almost create that taste in your mouth.

Nonetheless, this new restaurant is “green” for its assortment of food and palatability. Simple dishes are partnered with fascinating drinks and employees clearly enjoy working here. All of this was enough to gain attention and acknowledgement as early as during its first year of activity. Hopefully, its ardour will not fade in the future.