Food: 27/40

Umami – a restaurant of good mood

Is there anyone who is not familiar with Pippi Longstocking? If there is someone, they should immediately be sent to Umami restaurant. This is because if Pippi had grown up and started a restaurant business, it would have been Umami.

Firstly, Umami is child-friendly, has a large yard and a children’s area on the first floor. Secondly, its meals are filled with little pranks. Seems as if the ingredients have been picked from a local garden, but the customers are surprised by the exotic flavours here and there.

The restaurant is located in a wooden house between two suburbs of Tallinn and it is brimming with good mood. The kitchen is semi-opened, so that the customer can observe the busy chefs. The aromas floating from the kitchen make your tummy purr. Spending even an hour in the middle of it all is guaranteed to make your mood a lot better.