Pirita tee 26E, 10127 Tallinn
+ 372 53022020

Folk Dance in the Sunset

Restaurant Tuljak offers a gorgeous view over the Gulf of Tallinn. The sunset has such a special part to play in the dinner experience that its precise time for every evening is noted on the restaurant’s website. For a good reason, too. The play of the light on the sea isimpressive even under an overcast sky. The tuljakisan Estonian folk dance. The dance isso deeply ingrained in the national memory that Tuljak is a bold and pretentious choice to name a restaurant. The Head Chef Tõnis Siigur, however, is probably the best-known chef in Estonia. Apart from the Tuljak, heis a partner at both NOA restaurants, the OKO, and the Paju Villa. His name is a mark of the highest quality in food and restauration. Has he managed to make the food dance tuljakat the Tuljak? Yes, yes he has! If not on the plates, then certainly in the lucky taster’s mouth. The restaurant greets the newcomer with a hearty chunk of oven-warm ham, mustard, andblack bread – farm food engrained in the Estonian tradition. The heat coaxes a mouth-watering aroma outof the ham. For a solo diner, it doubles as a starter. At once a teaser and a stomach appeaser. The next nostalgic dish dates to the days the restaurant building was built (1960s). The herring tartare is nothing else than the same salt herring with sour cream, mayonnaise andboiled egg that was part and parcel of every dinner table at that time. In this version, all the ingredients have been minced and grated into tiny strips and pieces. Fresh apple joins the classic combination to dominate the taste and elevate the dish to a modern light tasty salad. The drinks list offers a solid selection of well-known drinks from abroad. From Deutz champagne to 2013 Brunello di Montalcino. A fresh addition is the cocktail menu with signature cocktails. Try the Raina – it looks and tastes of true Estonian autumn!