Rannakohviku, Liimala küla, Lüganuse vald, Ida-Virumaa
+372 5058695

The Story of a Seaside Village

The village of Liimala is a quiet, pleasant place, unremarkable except for its recently finished small boat harbor and the brand-new beach restaurant right next to it. But back in the days of prohibition, life was much more active here, especially under the cover of darkness, with bootleggers hard at work. Inspired by their story, the Tulivee Restaurant recreates the setting in a modern key. The restaurant has its very own (Jamaican-mixed) rum and (local) craft beer. They are served with simple everyday seaside village food. Baltic herring, fried with egg, doused in a vinegar marinade. A familiar dish in every Estonian home. Borsch – a Slavic classic. The Russian language and customs that dominate most of the Ida-Virumaa region go comfortably hand in hand with Estonian tastes and habits at Tulivee. The eye-catching modern wooden building at the picturesque beach brings the two cultures together in a still-unfolding tale of a seaside village… A brand new addition is the Tulivee villa with its nine rooms opening wide to the sea and a small museum presenting the history of Liimala and its firewater.