Seafood Restaurants Are Scarce

Sad, but true. Tallinn is a town on the seafront, but fish restaurants can be counted on the fingers of a single hand, and the situation is no better in Estonia as a whole. There have been attempts, sure, but those have generally fizzled out. The atmosphere of the Nautilus on the cusp of its second anniversary shows no signs of fading out, however. The usual Old Town mix of tourists from all over the world and local seafood lovers gets along just fine, helped along by the layout of three interconnected rooms, each offering some privacy and a different milieu. One offers a view over the kitchen, the other over the street and the raw bar, and the third to the drinks bar. The raw bar offers fresh oysters and various tartares and caviars; the grill seems to be as popular. Other dishes are in obviously lower demand. The Nautilus is Tallinn’s only place that serves generous platters of fresh seafood on crushed ice. To the tourists’ disappointment, local fish is rare on the menu. The wine selection, however, is refreshingly diverse. And finishing with one of the four aquavits among the liquors leaves a pleasantly Nordic aftertaste. May the Nautilus prosper!