See How Estonia Tastes

The TV Tower restaurant, the highest up in North Europe, counts the panoramic view as its main attraction. In fair weather, the binoculars-assisted eye can see very nearly half the country. The autumn view, green and colourful, is reflected in the velvety moss-green seats and curtains. The view is given a sweet and sour taste by the Kir Estonia cocktail made of blackcurrant liqueur and cider and garnished with blueberries. The selection of local drinks is comprehensive – from sparkling rhubarb wine to eau de vie, presented under a separate Taste Estonia heading in the menu. Estonian ciders and berry wines complement the food well, too. Smoked catfish with pickled beet is well enjoyed with the Jaanihanso classically fermented rhubarb sparkling fine. The head chef Mihkel Kalbus is among the top innovators in modern Estonian cuisine. The TV Tower adds a view to his creations.