Tchaikovsky serves food inspired by music

Tchaikovsky is a restaurant that has been on the same culinary course (historical interpretations of French and Russian cuisine) for the past ten years and is only now beginning to change its direction a little. The name given to the restaurant after the famous composer must be obligating them. However, Tchaikovsky has stayed true to the former principles of its kitchen by preparing its new dishes inspired by music.

Dinners accompanied by live performances of classical music have become a trademark for the restaurant. They have now connected music with food more than ever before. They throw dinners where they serve dishes inspired by the music played at the time when the dishes are served.

The new direction of the restaurant seems to be easily accepted. Perhaps, this is because of the fact that Tchaikovsky has always been connected to music, both visually and mentally. Pairing food with music is an interesting approach and challenge. We will definitely be keeping an eye on them!