A Tasting Menu Without a Tasting Menu

The Tabac is currently one of Tallinn’s most unique spots. A cocktail bar and night club, which, among other things, serves excellent food. It is a good example of the way even strange concepts can work if the authors put their hearts into it. The place of honour belongs to the long bar, whose excellent stock is obvious even to the most inattentive guests. It looks impressive – and it certainly pulls its weight. Some extraordinary, even incredible cocktails are to be had. But the honour does not belong to the bar alone – the creations are a collaboration with the tiny kitchen tucked away in the cellar. Not a single drink on the cocktail menu goes without house-made ingredients. The cocktails are mixed to match the food and, vice versa, some dishes are specifically created to complement a particularly intriguing cocktail. The Tabac’s short menu is certainly no tasting menu. But the best experience at the Tabac is reserved for those who make it so. The menu is brief enough for 3-4 people to mix and match and try everything – and their designated cocktails as well. The result is among Tallinn’s most special culinary experiences.