Supelsaksad is definitely one of Pärnu’s most charming eateries. Located in an old wooden house, the different dining halls with nostalgic décor and furniture from the end of the century create a timeless milieu. You are likely to feel cosy, maybe even a bit lazy. This is largely due to the attentive and cheerful staff.

During the summer, when everyone is in Pärnu, you might not get to see the true colours of Supelsaksad. It is better to visit during the colder months, when the city is empty. Start the meal with a glass of rose cava and continue with a big bowl of classic borscht. The menu seems to be made to fit the interior, it has the same timeless and slightly nostalgic air to it.

It would be rude not to try at least one of their cakes before leaving, most people actually go there for the cakes. They always have a big and ever-changing selection. Same applies to their selection of teas. Supelsaksad offers a new frame of mind each time, free of charge.