Söe welcomes all guests with a small round fire roasted potato croquette. It is served on a bed of juniper branches, which are set alight at the table. Tasting fire roasted potatoes surrounded by a cloud of smoke will probably take anyone back to memories of childhood flavours. However, you will not be kept there for long. Restaurants in one of Tallinn’s most spectacular boutique hotels have always had ambitious top-ranking head chefs. Söe, which opened a year ago, is no exception. Simple childhood flavours are quickly followed by the most contemporary ones offered in Estonia. Three fish mosaic with smoked cream cheese, cucumber and sour cream and Järvamaa beef carpaccio covered in a cloud of Andre farm cheese are some examples of status quo. Food that is worth the trip. Söe is head chef Pavel Gurjanov’s first own restaurant. His style has some obvious influences from French cuisine blended with his signature and character. The flavours of Pavel’s creations travel between Nordics and France in space and from traditional to contemporary Estonian cuisine in time. Restaurants with author cuisine are rare in Estonia. It is worth to keep an eye on Söe, every new menu is a new reason to visit.