Restaurant of juxtapositions

One of the parking spaces in front of the restaurant has been permanently allocated to an old horse carriage and parked next to it is usually a brand new car. This juxtaposition theme continues inside. Ultramodern dishes are served in classic cafe-like surroundings. Seafood and strudels dominate the menu and in addition to the classic apple strudel, they also offer sauerkraut and duck strudels! With the eclectic selection offered, the food once again surprises with its perfectly balanced flavours.

Smak means characteristic flavour in many languages. When putting together the menu, head chef Dmitri Rooz did not shy away from blurring the lines between different cuisines as well as old and new. The restaurant’s summer hit is a cold soup made from crème fraîche and Borjomi water, with beetroot sorbet, radish, cucumber and dill, served alongside garlic bread with egg cream. What certainly brings this soup together into a harmonious dish is one of Estonia’s favourite flavours, horseradish. The soup simultaneously belongs to many different cuisines, yet has something for everyone. This is what sets Smak apart from other Estonian restaurants.