Regati pst1/Purje 9,11911 Tallinn
+ 372 55599117

Sardines, Champagne and a Beautiful View

These are the three main reasons to go looking for the Sardiinid at the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre. It takes some effort to find, especially at the first visit. But whoever succeeds is rewarded with the most gorgeous view to the yacht harbour and sea from most of the tables. The Montaudon and Jacquart champagnes are offered at Tallinn’s most reasonable prices. Unfortunately, by the bottle only. Grilled sardines are a dish that polarises. You either love or hate them. For some reason, the fish appears on Tallinn’s restaurant menus only rarely. The name of the restaurant, Sardiinid, obliges. The fish is offered here all year round with seasonal sides.