Ding an Sich

The Salt has become a special phenomenon over its eight years of existence. At the time of the opening, it was limited to a scant thirty seats. Additional places were added as its fame grew. Now, the same dining hall accommodates 48, and indeed, this is the absolute limit. The restaurateur, Tiina Kõresoo, is a special phenomenon in her own right. She has a particularly close relationship with each dish offered at the restaurant. From her frequent trips, she brings in plentiful new ideas, which in turn become dishes in a special way – the way of the Salt. Mimicking the original is not really the goal, and each idea is served as a novel combination. And the guests need never get bored at the Salt. The menu changes weekly, sometimes daily. If you’ve ever eaten the amusingly named shingled hedgehog mushroom, it would’ve been at the Salt. Coated with egg and flour and pan-fried, the mushroom resembles the German schnitzel. By the way, did you know Estonian escargots are exported to France? And sometimes, served at the Salt, too. The Peking duck swims in a pond of shiitake mushroom broth… The guests, packed tight, get to know the dishes almost as well as Tiina herself does. Because she or another crew member will introduce the background of each dish in detail. And the passion for food is matched by the passion for finding suitable wines to complement them, equally special and not very widely known. It is this passion and the very open interaction with each guest that makes the Salt so special in Estonia.