Salt is a restaurant for the citizens of the world

Salt stands out from all the other restaurants for its wilfulness. While others try to get attention by constantly following new trends emerging in the food industry, then Salt stubbornly remains itself. When others are trying to come up with interesting stories about their respect for local raw ingredients, then Salt just goes to the market and buys the ingredients – it makes no fuss about it. What Salt really cares about are exotic flavours.

Salt is probably the only restaurant in Estonia whose menu includes words, such as tiradito, kalamansi, tostada. Somehow, however, everybody seems to understand and enjoy what is served at Salt.

The kitchen of Salt is practically a test kitchen. It is a place where food is experimented with every day and seldom does something wrong. The menu changes every week at Salt and its affordable prices ensure that people keep coming back for more. This is why Salt is always full of people who often even need to fight for their place at a table.