A Meal on a Millstone

The Saaremaa Veski restaurant is located in a large windmill, right next to the heart of Kuressaare. Despite the urban surroundings, the rustic setting with old millstones for table-tops brings to mind a day in the countryside. The simple island dishes enhance the feeling even more. The cheese balls carry an authentic flavour of recent history, prepared to the same recipe as in 1974. The shashlyk made from the meat of locally reared sheep tastes equally nostalgic. Both of these dishes go well with beer made by Pihtla brewery, the oldest and one of the smallest craft beer producers in Estonia. Saaremaa Veski is guaranteed to have the most representative selection of the brewery’s beers. To start or end your meal, be sure to ask for the house cowberry schnapps. It has a long-lasting and clear cowberry aftertaste and is perfect for taking home as a rare souvenir of flavours.