Sadama tee 10, Neeme küla, 74226, Jõelähtme vald, Harjumaa
+ 372 56279007


The Ruhe offers the most amazing restaurant atmosphere in Estonia without a doubt. A boundless view over the sea. Different every day as the weather changes. A single nostalgic apple tree on the terrace, an old log boat next to it… Heart-piercingly nostalgic. The drink of choice at the Ruhe is champagne (along with a small, carefully curated wine selection) and the dish is anything fish. It is ironic that the seemingly bottomless sea is so stingy with catch, even despite the Ruhe’s location right at the harbour. And therefore, the guest often has to make do with fish from elsewhere. On those days, go for the catfish. This nearly bone-free fish of African origin, soft and white, is reared in Estonia, and the Ruhe is skilled at preparing it. And cod liver pâté. The latter is an intergenerational Estonian favourite. Few restaurants have it, but the Ruhe always does. But the charm of the Ruhe is best experienced by staying for more than one meal and spending the night in one of the guest rooms.