Riis is a restaurant for its own

When in an unfamiliar city, it is always a good idea to look up and find the restaurants that the locals like to visit. In Tallinn, one of such is Riis (“rice”). While the preparation of Asian food is usually left in the hands of Asians, then at Riis, it is done just as well by an Estonian woman, who is the head chef and proprietress of the restaurant.

Kadri, who has lived in Asia for many years and extensively travelled the area, has adapted Asian flavours to the Nordic palate. Riis is a well-balanced restaurant. It is not formal or expensive, yet also not simple or cheap. Riis is right in the middle of these extremes.

These are the secrets behind the popularity of the restaurant. In addition, Riis welcomes everyone who walks in its door with opens arms and treats them as one of its own.